The world's simplest deblisterer

  • For use on any medication
  • All blister packaging formats
  • Instant set-up
  • Small machine footprint
  • No foil fragments
  • No crushed pills
  • Up to 20 blisters a minute
  • Avoid staff OSH issues
  • 5 Year Guarantee*
  • Free Delivery^



The mini is mini in size but packs a real punch

This little machine has been carefully engineered to be a true universal machine; it will pop almost any medication quickly and efficiently. Its versatility makes it ideal for use in a Community Pharmacy manual packing environment or large robot unit dose packing operations. With its high grade but simplistic design the mini has been crafted to be a long lasting product suitable for daily use in a pharmacy environment. 

Supplied with a convenient dustcover and handy pill scoop.

Size: 210mm x 290mm x 200mm

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